BOUTIQUE DAY 2019 | March 27th-30th

Individual registration

Welcome! Are you a high school Junior or Senior girl, eligible to attend your prom, but unable to afford a gown? We would love to help you with your special day. At our Boutique, a Fairy Godmother, your personal shopper, will help you find a gown and accessories you love. All completely free of charge!!! We have a beautiful boutique with thousands of gowns to choose from.  The Boutique experience typically takes 3-4 hours, but varies with each individual.  We are honored to serve you.

group registration

Group registration is for groups of 10 or more girls. Please note that the Boutique experience typically takes 3-4 hours, but varies with each group, so plan your transportation accordingly. Please email Amber Logan if you have any questions,


volunteer registration

Are you interested in volunteering as a Fairy Godmother, Seamstress, or another role within our Boutique Day for our Princesses? We'd love to have you! Boutique Room volunteers must be female, age 21+, except during set-up and tear-down, where we welcome men and teens to participate. If you are volunteering with a group, please have each group member register individually.

Please read our job descriptions below to choose which position works best for you. We look forward to serving with you!

  • Fairy Godmother:   You will work one on one with a princess as her personal shopper, helping her to find a gown and accessories.  Your job will be to show her kindness and compassion and to give her a dignified experience, where she will walk away knowing that she is beautiful.
  • Inventory:   You will be responsible for hanging and returning unwanted dresses back to their racks and restocking shoes and jewelry as needed.  You will act as an encourager, giving genuine compliments to princesses, helping to boost their confidence.
  • Set-up and tear-down:  Men, women, and teens are needed to help set up and tear down the Boutique.  On Saturday (3/23), we’ll set up dressing rooms, tables, chairs, and move dress racks into the Boutique. On Monday (3/25) and Tuesday (3/26) , we’ll organize the Boutique, setting out accessories and shoes, and organizing the dresses. During tear-down (3/30), we’ll move all remaining items into our on-campus storage room. Registration is not required; however, it helps us know how much we can accomplish each day if you will submit a form for the times you are available to volunteer.
  • Seamstress:  You will provide on-site alterations (hems, straps, and minor repairs only) for our princesses as needed. Please bring your own machine.
  • Seamstress assistant:  You will help the seamstresses with seam-ripping, removing broken zippers, and sewing hook and eye closures.
  • Café:  You will plate and serve food to our princesses and their guests in our café.